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Young Artists: Collages that Hint and Reveal

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Making Collages that Hint and Reveal

Inspired by the layered encaustic paintings of Artist Amy Weil.

Often we look at artwork and only see one thing. But what happens if we look at a painting for a few more minutes? Do you discover other things going on in the same painting? Clever artists, such as painter Amy Weil, often use layers of paint and other materials to hide and reveal within the same piece of art. Amy creates complex paintings that incorporate wax pigments called encaustics, along with collage materials of fabric, string and paper. We will use Amy’s work as the inspiration to create our own series of hide-and-seek collages. If you choose to, will you cover up—a buried treasure? Will a special piece of fabric lead to a secret word? Will you allow something to peek through your artwork and give us a hint? Join 440 Gallery art educators Susan Greenstein and Gail Flanery in this fun session that will have you thinking about layers and materials in new ways.

Earlier Event: September 28
Poetry Reading and Music: Abdul Fattah Ismail
Later Event: October 6
Spoken Word x 2