Tricia Townes' current work explores the idea of American identities.  Her plan is to explore different communities through the art and designs of their cultures, to paint those designs in the original, culturally specific colors on one side of a transparent mylar sheet, and to paint at least part of the other side of the sheet in the red, white and blue of the American flag. Her aim is to  visually show how different ethnic groups bring their own flavor to this country of immigrants. Townes began with designs from the Arabic and Islamic worlds because of the beauty and wealth of the art from those groups, and because Arabic and other Islamic peoples have been ostracized lately. Her own ethnic group, the African-Americans of West African origin, has also perennially been a lightening rod for the bad behavior of others. Pieces based on West African designs have been included on her website. Recently, she has also made some pieces employing designs from the Chinese and Greek cultures as well. When she can obtain them, she will also include comments from members of the communities depicted on any subject they choose to discuss related to their feelings around this country and their place in it.

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