In The Pink - Karen Gibbons

Sept. 4 - Oct. 12, 2008

"In The Pink" fills the gallery with bright color and vivid texture. Curious found objects become armatures for fanciful, painterly sculpture. Generous drawings blend boldness of form with delicacy of line and gesture. This abstract work is essentially organic in nature with a primitive sensibility. The work explores the tension between strength and frailty, confidence and cowardice, reverence and playfulness, divergence and union. Karen Gibbons weaves a fractured story of humanity in all its ragged glory. The result is a show with lively humor and imaginative power.

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Southern Breeze - Amy Williams

May 15 - June 22, 2008

On a recent trip to Savannah, I fell in love with the Spanish moss found everywhere. It was romantic, gothic and dreamy. My camera lens was perpetually pointed up looking for a new composition to be discovered within the trees, leaves and moss configurations. The title of the show, Southern Breeze, refers to the atmosphere created in the gallery. Standing before these images one can almost breathe the sultry Southern air.

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Light - Todd Erickson

April 3 - May 11, 2008

The 440 Gallery presents Light, an exhibition of photographs and paintings en plein air (in the open air) recording Todd Erickson's observations of time as the sun, moon and city lights radiate and illuminate his urban back yard and studio. This newest exhibit will also include the artist's recent unique photographs taken in the environs of the Gowanus Canal.

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Department of the Interior - Daniel Weiner

February 21 - March 30, 2008

In Dan Weiner's debut 440 show, the awareness of love, disease, regret and ambition is recorded with outdated office machines on out-of-print pages of textbooks and technical manuals. By using the written word as the physical foundation for his art, Daniel guides us into his technocratic, Kafka-esque world where "Reports are submitted and processed... contents are scrutinized and annotated... meanings are certified and enter into the record of thought... and become ethically binding."


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New Sculpture - Jolie Guy

October 18, 2007 - November 25, 2007

The seemingly ephemeral quality of Jolie Guy’s sculpture is, paradoxically, what makes it timeless. Her soft sculptures are gracefully arranged constructions of meticulously handcut lines of paper each creating different kinds of gray. There is a quiet, meditative sense and an echo of the ancient human propensity to gather and collect in discriminating groups; one is reminded of Monet’s haystacks and the seasonal process of harvesting. The subdued palette, however and the medium of paper suggests most vividly a graphic context: they are sketches in the third dimension, scuptural exercises in color and temperature. The work ranges in size from about 3 feet by 4 feet square, to smaller groups of 4 to 12 inches square.

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Undercurrents - Martha Walker

September 6 - October 14, 2007

A solo exhibition of sculpture by Martha Walker.

The exhibition focuses on pieces created in the past two years. Some of the sculptres are significantly larger scale than previous works, and there is a simplicitly that allows the viewer to appreciate the visual messages with greater clarity. Walker says, "I see my sculptures as a community, or family. They work well together or on their own. They are pieces of me, a place in time, and also, an expression of my deepest emotions and what is most important to me." Although Walker sees nature and feminism as being predominant themes in her work, the diversity of texture, dimension, and form on display in Undercurrents takes the audience on a journey that is constantly surprising.


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Third Annual Small Works Show

June 28 - July 29, 2007

440 Gallery hosts their Third Annual Small Works Show.Includedartists:Alyce Barr, Amanda Webster, Anujan Ezhikode, Barbara Sullivan, Bernard Klevickas, Bill Fink, Caterina Schemidt, Charles Basman, Chris Mateer, Dalton Rooney, Dawn Petrlik, Edina S., Emily Berger, Gerard Barbot, harriot marion, Hope Dector, Iza Szczepinska, Jamin An, Janine Nichols, Jason Orrel, Jenniver Bevill, Jessica Cohen, Jim Boden,Jodi Shenn, Joseph Barral, Judith Hooper, Mary Bullock, Kathryn Roake, Kimberly Simpson, Laurie Sheridan, Matt Lapiska, Laurie Lee- Geogescu, Merrie Koehlert, Michael J Berkowitz, Michael Pride, Molly Nadler, Paige Roberts, Patrick Barrett, Phillomena Marano, Rowena Dale Mohammed, Sara Lovas, Susan Handwerker, Tanya Taylor, Venessa Pineda, Victoria Lapin, Virginia Naughton, Shanee Epstein, Richard Eagan, Lara Wechsler, Todd Erickson, Nancy Lunsford, Ellen Chuse, Tom Vega, Jolie Guy, Amy Williams, Martha Walker


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Polyphony - Shanee Epstein

May 17 - June 24, 2007

A solo exhibition of Shanee Epstein's new paintings. An abstract exploration of color works on paper breaking up compositional planes with intersecting blocks of texture and color. The paintings use varnishes to create a more layered surface while struggling for a deeper connection to the power of color and its harmonic and dissonand interaction. These paintings explore a wide variety of palettes that are affected strongly by outside seasons and the artist's inner moods.

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The Muse - Amy Williams

April 5 - May 15, 2007

Photography by Amy Williams, a continually evolving series of photographs or her eight year old niece, Allison.This series offers the viewer not only the opportunity to reexamine, and reimagine the narrative of childhood, but a rare glimpse into moments, selves on the brink of being lost. It is that crystalization of the ephemeral that draws, and holds the eye of the camera, and the viewer.

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Riffs on Color - Tom Vega

October 19 - November 26, 2006

Tom Vega’s vibrant acrylic paintings on canvas invoke the spirited riffs of a virtuoso jazz composition. This series of Vega’s signature expressions of sweeping color and emotional brushwork takes jazz as its inspiration.The works, in single-panel, diptych and triptych formats, are lush anthems with an improvisational energy.Vega, academically trained, is at heart a colorist.His body of work expresses both physical and emotional experience with concurrent sensations, earthy and delicate, rude and elegiac, quiet and strident.

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Tidal Channels - Todd Erickson

September 7 - October 14, 2006

Environmental Sculptor, Todd Erickson will present his latest installation and photo documentation depicting the Sunken Forest on Fire Island, NY. The exhibition, Tidal Channels. The audience is invited into the carefully constructed world that Mr. Erickson created after careful observation and study of the Islands topography and plant systems in the Sunken Forest.


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(up)State of Mind - Amy Williams

March 3 - 26, 2006

The photography of Amy Williams is at once personal and objective. Her images range from interiors to natural outdoor settings and intimate portraiture, but there is always a consistent quality. Using only available light, the images, regardless of content, evoke emotion--sometimes awe or trepidation. Amy inspires curiosity in viewers, so that they choose to explore and engage in her images.


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PAIRINGS: Experiments in Sculptography - Jeff Jaffe

February 2 -  February 24, 2006

South African artist Jeff Jaffe goes under the surface. And, although the surfaces he presents are enigmatic, beautiful and challenging, he aims deeper. In the exhibition of his recent works, PAIRINGS:Experiments in Sculptography, he presents a surface duality: gritty, concise welded-steel mask like heads are each hung paired with a photo. In the architectural long shots, the photos present a 'mask' of their own--the cityscapes.

Newer Exhibitions (2009-2011)


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