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Young Artists Workshop: Face Up to It!


Face Up To It: Learn about Portraits

Inspired by artists Nancy Lunsford and JoAnne McFarland’s show “Mending”

Nancy Lunsford and JoAnne McFarland love to draw and paint people, especially their faces. As we look at the work in their show, we can see that both artists spend time creating interesting portraits that show us not only how someone looks but a little bit about their personality and history. Join 440 Gallery art educators Susan Greenstein and Gail Flanery to explore making your own portraits. You’ll begin to see portraits in many different ways, all inspired by the artwork in this show. Is a portrait just a picture of a person, or can a portrait be a picture of objects that describe someone? What will you choose? We will have drawing and collage materials for each young artist to work with so that they can describe themselves or someone else in a personal and unique portrait.

Open to young artists ages 5-12.