440 Gallery currently offers two opportunities for artists. One is an open call for a juried show in the Gallery, on the theme of “Light.

Whether we seek light as a physical object or observe it as a metaphysical presence, it is the play of light and shadow that uniquely informs our human vision. In simpler terms, light gives life; under certain circumstances light also facilitates destruction. Capturing light in visual terms has always been a crucial element in traditional painting. With multi-media, installation, and conceptual-based artwork, light takes on an equally important role for the artist.   

Jurors for the “Light” show are Lauren Hirshfield and Kat Ryals,
Co-Directors of Paradice Palase in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY.


440 Gallery also offers artists a chance to be represented on the Gallery’s Artsy site. Artsy, the premier internet art site, only shows work that is represented by galleries. Three selected artists will appear in our Artsy Gallery for a year.