VICTORIA BEHM: "1,000 Drawings of NYC"

Brklyn Cocktail_0002.jpeg

440 Gallery is pleased to present “1,000 Drawings of NYC” – a solo exhibition by Victoria Behm. Consisting of 1,000 5” x 5” black-ink drawings and collages on hand-made paper, Behm’s presentation captures fragments of daily life, past and present, in unexpected, idiosyncratic ways. 

Behm’s wanderings in the five boroughs of her city are the inspiration for this new body of work. “The world is a place of change, and some days I feel that New York City magnifies change like nowhere else. There's both the tug of nostalgia and the pull of the new. You can recall the old Automat and its thick glass boxes filled with heaping sandwiches and huge slices of pie, the clunk of the coin drop, the front flap flipping up. Yet fresh ideas can enchant, too, like at Rice to Riches in SoHo, where colorful bowls resembling flying saucers serve a seemingly infinite number of rice pudding choices and cheeky signs urge us to ‘Eat all you want, you are already fat’."

1000 Drawings of NYC will run through November 27  (including the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving.). There will be a reception for the artist from noon to 4pm on Saturday, October 22.


In the Project Space: Codification of Chaos: Blanchard, Friedenberg, Lunsford

Fuse #1

Leigh Blanchard approaches photography by investigating perception. In her new series Fuse, she utilizes digital photography and computer rendered imagery to create harmony and discord between the organic and the artificial. Blanchard pushes the viewer to consider what the boundaries of a photograph can be. 

Cellophane Memories

Jay Friedenberg’s love of the panoramic waterfront and landscape is apparent in the two pieces he has chosen for this show. Autumn on the Hudson, 2010, soft pastel on sanded card, presents an impressionistic view of the Hudson River valley. In contrast of techniques, Friedenberg’s digitally-manipulated photograph Colored Harbor, 2013, can be viewed for the colors and textures associated with traditional painting.

Nancy Lunsford grew up in the South where quilting was a prominent form of self expression. In her new painting, Blood and Water, Lunsford returns to a familiar place that is influenced by geometry, genealogy and traditional craft.thoughts, images and forgotten places to become imagery of fragments and remnants of the artist's past.