Personal is Political is Personal

divine williams.jpg

A national juried exhibition about the personal effects of politics, curated by celebrated artist and animal-rights activist Sue Coe.

 Opening reception: Thursday July 7, 6–9 PM

 In this intensely political year we hear sound bites and promises that can seem abstract unless it affects us personally. Black Lives Matter. Gender Equality. Gun Control. It’s all just words until we see a child’s body washed ashore, a routine traffic stop becomes deadly, or a family home is destroyed at high tide. 440 Gallery’s theme show this year is centered on the personal effects of politics. 

Artists selected for the exhibition: Max Alper, Hannah Barnhardt, Lynn Benson, Eva M. Capobianco, Gordon Carlisle, Patricia Denys, Elise Dodeles, Richard Ferrari, Igor Gnedo, Mary Hood, Ibn Kendall, Katrina Majkut, Spencer Moore, Harry Newman, Steve Savitz, Nancy Siesel, Nomi Silverman, Stephen Spiller, Ann Stoddard, Bethany Taylor, Doug Turetsky, Divine Williams, Dale Williams. 

Personal is Political is Personal opens Thursday, July 7 at 440 Gallery, 440 Sixth Avenue in Brooklyn, and runs through Saturday, August 6, 2016.