Karen Gibbons: Pachamama


440 Gallery is pleased to present new sculptures, drawings and collage by Karen Gibbons. This exhibit is a continuation of Gibbons’s idiosyncratic sensibility, where collaged elements create a dream-like near-narrative. Her new work introduces the use of plaster substrates, a material that gives each piece a substantial, weighty dimension. Gibbons’s work entwines feminine imagery and references to the earth.  In the large scale piece, “Pachamama”, Gibbons creates a mountainous structure out of plaster, painting the form in earthy greens and yellows.  Through collage elements, the face of the Virgin Mary peers from the top of the mountain; her hands surround her mountain/body in a comforting embrace.

Pachamama opened on April 28th and will run through May 29. 


In the Project Space: New Work by Behm, Makon and Stock

In "Cut Flowers" Vicki Behm combines two of her passions—collecting old labels from medicine, perfume and household bottles along with drawing vintage everyday objects. In her artwork, the Smile and the St. Joseph's bottles belonged to Behm’s mother who used them for cut flowers from her garden.


Using traditional watercolor techniques applied to a modern clay-based surface, Joy Makon delves into a beautiful September water garden scene from the Bronx’s Wave Hill. (Detail from “All Overgrowth Is Comic”)


David Stock's photographs respond to the iconography of New York’s hard-working storefronts.